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Take The Torch

When you get to the end of a long career in politics, law and culture it's important to collaborate with the next generation, and share life lessons. 

Thirst to Die For - Novel

A noir thriller where a cut-loose politician uncovers the theft of Canadian resources. He tries to look the other direction until he realizes his life is in danger. 

Mackenzie Valley Pipeline

An inquiry into the social, economic, and environmental impact of a large-scale pipeline to take Arctic gas to United States through Canada. 

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The Vancouver Sun.

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The Advocate. Vol. 72. Part 4, July 2014.

 4. International Narcotics Control.
The American Journal of International Law. Vol. 64, No 2, April 1970.

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The Vancouver Sun. pg. A6, November 15, 1983.

 6. Bargaining for survival.
The Sun. pg. A6, October 5, 1985.

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The Globe and Mail. Pg A19, October 12, 1992.

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 The Globe and Mail. August 8, 1991.

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The Vancouver Sun. pg. A15, March 22, 1994.

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The Vancouver Sun. pg. A17, October 10, 1992.

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May 26, 2016.

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March 18, 2016.

14. The Real Story of the Patriation of Canada's Constitution

Vancouver Sun, February 6th, 2018