As a storefront lawyer I was counsel in the first consumer class action in Canada. Here’s the link to Ian Mulgrew’s Vancouver Sun article Hydro Fight Was Class-Action Genesis   I’m proud to say I had a hand in drafting Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution which enshrines the rights of the aboriginal people of Canada.   I’ve appeared at every level of court in Canada and before just about every administrative board from Vancouver’s Board of Variance to the National Energy Board. Recently the Government of British Columbia appointed me a Q.C., literally a counsel to the Queen, a high honour. So, I am here Your Majesty if you need me!  


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Lawyer’s BC Hydro fight was class-action genesis

By Ian Mulgrew.

Still boyish at 70, Ian Waddell sipped a coffee, his eyes alight with the ghosts of Christmas past, gleefully recalling what was probably Canada’s first consumer class-action.

“Forty years ago, on Dec. 28,” intoned the lawyer, former politician, raconteur and author. “BC Hydro was ordered to return $350,000 to 12,500 people. We won. And I didn’t get a dime.

"Waddell added with a cackle: “It was a very idealistic time.

”He believes the province’s legal aid system is in crisis, and at this time of year people should remember the benefits of public-service lawyering. He’s working on his memoirs to argue the point, drawing on his own remarkable experiences.