Films Produced by Ian Waddell

Full Length:

The Drop: Why Young People Don't Vote

Do young people avoid voting because they are careless and just want to party, or is there something deeper going on? • 50 min

Broadcast on TVO and CPAC.

Ian Waddell is executive producer of THE DROP, which won "The Best Producer" Award in Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016.

Short Films:

Goldenrush - In a small town the transition from logging and mining to a new economy upsets the balance for the local inhabitants. 

Picaro - A young rogue and his sexual exploits during a road trip in the Ottawa Valley.

Berger Inquiry - It shows the issues faced by Berger in the development of the Western Arctic and how his inquiry worked. Relevant nowadays.

 When Culture Minister in British Columbia Ian brought in the first tax credits which created a billion dollar film industry  known as “Hollywood North”  

Trailer: The Drop