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Ian Waddell has been on the front line of progressive change in Canada for over five decades, sometimes as an observer but often as an actor. When he ran a storefront law office in Vancouver in the 1970s, he argued and won the first class-action lawsuit in Canada. A few years later, again ahead of his time, he was accompanying Tom Berger on his groundbreaking hearings in Canada’s North, listening to Inuit and Dene people talk about the effect a proposed pipeline would have on them. Almost by accident Waddell found himself in Canada’s Parliament through the late 1970s, 80s and early 90s embroiled in battles over the National Energy Policy, gas exports, national park reserves, the right to die, culture policy, NAFTA amongst others. He spared with Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, often with good humour. The queen liked his kilt. 

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In my career I've been a storefront lawyer, a Member of Parliament, Minister of Culture, a writer and producer of films.

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My memoir, Take the Torch, will be available in Fall, 2018.


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My career so far.

Much of my career has been in the political arena or in the practice of law. I have a Masters of Laws degree from the London School of Economics (UK) and practiced as both a Crown Attorney and Defence Counsel. As the Director of the Storefront Lawyers (VCLAS), I litigated the first class action suit in Canadian law history. Internationally, I successfully lobbied for the new International Criminal Court which I helped initiate. In 2013, I was appointed Queen’s Counsel (Q.C.) by the Attorney General of British Columbia. 

Serving as a Member of the Canadian Parliament for over 14 years, I first represented the VancouverKingsway  riding then Port Moody-Coquitlam. Later I was elected to the British Columbia Legislature where I served as: Minister of Tourism, Culture & Small Business; Minister of Environment, Lands & Parks; and Minister on Intergovernmental Affairs. As minister, I fought hard for the 2010 Winter Olympic bid and won by championing Aboriginal participation, environmental sustainability and athlete involvement in the early planning stages. Under my ministerial guidance and with incentive programs, the BC film business grew into a billion dollar industry. 

As Special Counsel to the Royal (Berger) Commission of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, I gained extensive knowledge and valuable insights into Aboriginal and energy issues. My experience and expertise was instrumental in drafting sections of the repatriated Canadian constitution regarding Aboriginal rights (Section 35). As Chair of the Fraser Basin Board, I collaborated with public and private partners including First Nations to produce a Report Card on the environmental state of the basin.

I have been a member of numerous Canadian delegations including Kyoto 6 and the transfer of Hong Kong as well as issues dealing with the Middle East. My participation in a variety of political conferences allowed me to interact with many world leaders. 

Throughout my career, I have maintained my accessibility to the public and the media and have mentored numerous Canadian politicians, journalists and business professionals. I enjoyed teaching a Criminology course at Simon Fraser and Canadian History at UBC as well as being a visiting scholar at Massey College, University of Toronto several times. A longtime member of the Board of Governors for the Arts Club of Vancouver and the Heritage Vancouver Society I am actively involved in the cultural aspects of Vancouver. I am a published author (A Thirst to Die For) and a documentary filmmaker (Why Young People Don’t Vote) with experience as a TV and radio commentator. I enjoy writing, scuba diving, skiing, yoga, jazz, film and theatre and make my home in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver.

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